RICHARD ESLING: New wines from the old New World

The South African wines from KWV have been around for a long time – nearly 100 years in fact.

It's International Sherry Week

RICHARD ESLING: A good excuse to buy a bottle of sherry

The great British love affair with sherry seemingly dates back to the wars between us and the Spanish Empire in the 16th century.

Inside the winery at Chateau Laur, Cahors

RICHARD ESLING: Malbec – a powerful taste from a fragile grape

Most wine drinkers in this country will have come across the deep coloured, powerful flavoured red wine made from the Malbec grape.

A selection of AC Bordeaux Wines

RICHARD ESLING: Bordeaux that doesn’t break the bank

In the light of auction prices of some Bordeaux wines in the hundreds of pounds per bottle (even for recent vintages), together with reports that some Bordeaux wine prices have increased seven-fold in the past ten years, one could be forgiven for avoiding wines from this region, believing that a second mortgage would be necessary to try some.

Simpsons Wine Estate, Barham

RICHARD ESLING: Top quality is the key to English wine success

The success of English wines since their relatively recent re-birth continues unabated and I wrote earlier in 2017 about the prospect of a million vines being planted in the UK in this year alone.

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