Gales set to hit Sussex have been named Storm Brian

An intense low-pressure system that is forecast to affect southern Britain on Saturday has been named as Storm Brian.

Video: Weather warning for Sussex - latest update

Video: Weather warning for Sussex - latest update

An intense low pressure system is forecast to affect Sussex and the rest of Southern Britain on Saturday (October 21).

Stay safe

How to stay safe this bonfire, firework and Diwali season

Stay safe and injury free by acting sensibly this bonfire, firework and Diwali season.

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Sussex’s strange skies - a Twitter sensation

The dark skies across the county have created a storm on Twitter this afternoon.

Great Storm

Great Storm 1987 - when the power networks were wrecked

Thirty years ago the South-East was devastated by its worst storm in living memory.

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One of the iconic movies from France in the 1960s has been given a facelift for its 50th birthday and is now out on DVD and BD.

Blade Runner 2049

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As a science fiction fan, the 1982 film Blade Runner has been my all-time favourite movie since I first saw the original in the cinema and then was even more impressed with the director’s cut.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Film review: Goodbye Christopher Robin (4 out of 5)

It’s a bit strange watching a movie that is set not far from where you’re sat, but this film is very close to home.

Warrior's Gate

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In Pursuit of Silence

DVD review: In Pursuit of Silence (4 out of 5)

The concept of silence is a strange one. We are all too aware of noise but can we ever achieve a state where there is no sound?


Video: easyJet unveils plans for electric planes

Electric planes, drones checking the runway for problems and apps that will sort out all aspects of your flight.

Fires on the Plain

DVD review: Fires on the Plain (5 out of 5)

This is a brilliantly conceived vision of the end of the second world war, from a Japanese perspective, that pulls no punches.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Film review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (3 out of 5)

There aren’t many what you could describe as Marmite movies - films that really do split opinion.

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