COUNTY YARNS - Reflections of Bimbo’s Garage

The wonderfully named Bimbo’s Garage and Engineering Works that stood at Sutton Corner in Seaford had an interesting sales technique they employed in their advertising some 75 years ago.

As well as imparting the information that they were “A Qualified Mechanical and Automobile Engineer”, they also included some thoughtful “Reflections of a Busy Life”.

For example: “Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them and power flows to the man who knows how.” A further reflection: “We have our pride, but we don’t keep it; we put it into our work.”

Bimbo’s proprietor at the time was a Mr T W Barfoot. There is a Sutton Corner Garage that occupies what is presumably the same site today but I haven’t spotted any Bimbo-esque pearls of wisdom in their advertising.

Still, watch this space!