FRIDAY KNIGHT - Ralph Basset of Drayton (? - 1265)

Arms of Ralph Basset of Drayton
Arms of Ralph Basset of Drayton
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Keen local historian Jon Gunson has compiled this series entitled Friday Knight - knights who fought at the Battle of Lewes - giving each a brief biography.

There is a certain dignity about the Bassets. ( They were all rather distantly related ). Sir Phillip fought while he could stand, at Lewes, and perhaps bought a little time for the fleeing men of his broken division. At Evesham, de Montfort saw that there was a brief chance for a few horsemen to escape across the Avon bridge before Mortimer’s division moved to block it. He urged Sir Ralph to save himself by flight: Sir Ralph refused. “To the clash and clamour and dust of death they went.” Not much dust at Evesham, perhaps; there had been a heavy storm.