FRIDAY KNIGHTS - John Giffard. (1232 - 1299)

Battle of Lewes.
Battle of Lewes.
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Keen local historian Jon Gunson has compiled this series entitled Friday Knight - knights who fought at the Battle of Lewes - giving each a brief biography.

Sir John fought in Wales against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd in the campaign of 1257-8.

He became embittered when purged from Prince Edward’s household by the Savoyards, Queen Eleanor’s greedy and unpopular uncles. In 1263, he kidnapped the Bishop of Hereford, another unpopular foreigner. Fighting against the King at the Battle of Lewes he was taken prisoner, escaped, and himself captured William de la Zouche. In 1265 he fought with de Clare against de Monfort at Evesham, and seems to have done rather well out of it.