FRIDAY KNIGHTS - King Henry III (1207 - 1272)

The coat of arms of King Henry III
The coat of arms of King Henry III
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Keen local historian Jon Gunson has compiled this series entitled Friday Knight - knights who fought at the Battle of Lewes - giving each a brief biography.

The one between bad King John and Edward I, who built all the castles. Sir Charles Oman’s view of him (“The imbecile Henry Plantagenet”) is perhaps unfair: however, his generalship at Lewes left much to be desired - specifically, someone else to lead the army. My Lord, your eastern flank is defended by the river, and the Caburn massif. To the south is a marsh impassable by cavalry, and the road from the north is dominated by the Earl of Surrey’s great fortress. Perhaps it might be a good idea to post a few sentries on the Downs to the west? No? Oh dear...