Thanks goodness for town’s best friends

The bypass under construction in 1978/9
The bypass under construction in 1978/9

The Friends of Lewes have been instrumental in preserving much of the Lewes we see today.

Its past successes include the halting of the county council’s disastrous inner relief road plan, which would have split the town in half; and its championing of the Southern bypass and the building of the Cuilfail Tunnel.

The relief road would have split the town in half by a trunk road running, unbelievably, from the prison crossroads through The Paddock, skirting Lewes Castle and on to the Phoenix Causeway.

Pedestrians wishing to cross this relief road would have had to use a footbridge or a tunnel, with a constant stream of traffic pouring through.

In the event the southern bypass was built instead.

Another major issue was the prospect in the 1970s of widening South Street to carry north/south traffic. The society was again active in promoting the Cuilfail Tunnel which became the preferred route.

Thank goodness for that. The Friends deserve a pat on the back.

Pictured is the bypass under construction in 1978/9.