A levels: Mayfield students celebrate success

Dilly Evans-Smith, Flossie Taylor and Charlotte Wright, celebrating outstanding A-level results.
Dilly Evans-Smith, Flossie Taylor and Charlotte Wright, celebrating outstanding A-level results.

Mayfield students are celebrating after achieving outstanding results in their A levels.

St Leonards-Mayfield School has seen an increase in the number of pupils achieving A* and A grades.

The number of pupils achieving A* and A grades was 56 per cent, an eight per cent increase on 2012.

Over the past three years, the number of students who achieved A* and A grades has risen by 11 per cent.

One of the most popular A-level subjects taken by Mayfield’s students was Chemistry, with 77 per cent of students achieving either A* or A grades.

Success continued in other subjects too, with A* and As achieved by 72 per cent of candidates in Mathematics, 67 per cent in Physics and 62 per cent in Biology.

Alongside Science and Maths, 100 per cent of students who sat Latin, Greek, German and Polish achieved A* grades.

92 per cent of students achieved A* or A in Ceramics.

One of Mayfield’s outstanding success stories was Anna Sozanska, who joined Mayfield on a full scholarship scheme and sat seven A-levels, achieving A*s in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Polish and As in German, Further Mathematics and Physics. She has been accepted to study Medicine at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Anna said: “I am really excited about my future and am extremely grateful to the teachers at St Leonards-Mayfield School who not only helped me achieve my grades, but also never ceased to support me. The school has certainly done everything to provide me with excellent preparation for university and whilst I am looking forward to being an undergraduate, I will very much miss being a pupil at Mayfield - it was an incredibly wonderful experience.”

Antonia Beary, Head teacher at Mayfield School said: “In the run up to the publication of exam results, the media has been suggesting that the national performance in 2013 might decline; I am delighted that the grades achieved by the girls at St Leonards-Mayfield are our best for several years, most notably in the traditional core subjects as well as the creative arts. I hope our results prove that girls can do Maths and Sciences, and do them well. These results are a reflection of the quality of education we provide at Mayfield and a fitting tribute to the commitment and ability of both the students and teaching staff. As ever, I am proud of the achievements of each of our girls and the contribution they have made to their school, not only in their academic achievements, but also in terms of the wider school community.”