Alien UFOs mystery solved

NO Little Green Men - the 'alien' invasion of Uckfield is all down to a wedding celebration.

After householders in Uckfield reported UFOs in the sky two Saturdays ago, Express reporters went on the trail of the 60 mysteriously-glowing red orbs.

The lights - dubbed 'Space Invaders' by one witness - turn out to be Chinese-style lanterns suspended under miniature canopies.

A couple who were married at Buxted Park Hotel on Saturday, October 6, arranged for the lights to be released into the sky as 'celebration lanterns', according to a hotel spokesman.

He said: 'They're like glorified, miniature hot-air balloons and they're supposed to bring good luck.

'I suppose you could say the wind was blowing towards Uckfield at the time.'

However, the explanation does not solve the mystery of a flashing object witnessed in the skies above Uckfield in 2002.