Are aliens responsible for Wilmington crop circle?

Crop circle at Wilmington
Crop circle at Wilmington
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Have aliens visited Wilmington?

Some people seem to think so after this mysterious crop circle popped up around two weeks ago on farmland near the Long Man of Wilmington.

Since then hundreds of visitors have flocked to the area to see it, with many left wandering if it could be the work of aliens.

The crop circle, pictured by Sussex Express photographer Peter Cripps, shows a central star incased by a pentagon with five sets of four triangles pointing towards the outer circle.

The picture is taken from the Long Man of Wilmington, a historical hill figure believed to date from the 16th century, which overlooks the spectacle.

Crop circles are formed when crops such as wheat, barley, rye, maize or rapeseed are flattened.

It is unknown who creates the circles with some believing aliens are to blame, while others believe they are man-made.

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