Busy few days for lifeboat

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A body was recovered from cliffs at Seaford Head at the weekend after it was spotted by a kayaker.

They contacted the coastguard who got in touch with the Newhaven Lifeboat team who were out on their routine Sunday (September 22) morning training exercise.

The crew headed out at around 11am on the Newhaven’s Severn Class Lifeboat ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland’ and launched its small inflatable boat and began searching the beaches and the waterline.

The casualty was soon spotted and after being recovered was taken back to the main lifeboat.

It was thought that clothing found nearby was not that of the casualty and another search took place from Seaford Head towards Hope Gap for a second person.

However, after a close search of the shoreline no other casualties were found. The body was taken back to the boathouse and passed into the care of the coroner’s officers.

Coxswain Paul Legendre said: “This is always a difficult job for our volunteer crews who handle the tough task with the greatest of respect.”

A few days previously on Friday September 20 the Lifeboat was launched to evacuate a sailor who was experiencing sea sickness and severe pain in his leg at 8.29pm.

The lifeboat located the boat about seven miles off Newhaven where the 18-year-old casualty was evacuated from the yacht and transferred to the main lifeboat. The casualty was then taken to Newhaven Lifeboat station where he was met by waiting coastguards and paramedics.

After an initial assessment the man was taken to hospital in Brighton.

The yacht had two people on board and continued on to Brighton Marina where it was met by coastguards.

Coxswain Paul Legendre said: “The medical evacuation was carried out quickly and efficiently to get the sick sailor to waiting paramedics for urgent treatment.”

Later the same day Newhaven Lifeboat was launched for a second time to a small angling vessel with a fowled anchor which the skipper was unable to recover.

A fishing boat helped the vessel and the lifeboat was asked to stand down shortly afterwards.

To find out more about Newhaven Lifeboat visit http://www.newhavenlifeboat.co.uk