Centenarian rescued from Fletching house

Fire service
Fire service

A centenarian was rescued by firefighters after his Fletching kitchen caught fire last night (Sunday July 20).

Two crews from Uckfield were called to the remote property at 11.30pm and found a developing fire in the kitchen.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building before the occupier noticed that her 100-year-old father was missing from his annexe.

The breathing apparatus team quickly located the man using a thermal imaging camera and brought him out of the building.

The home owner had followed the advice of East Sussex Fire and Rescie Service mobilising staff and closed the door to the kitchen and evacuated the building.

However the man had gone back in to try and deal with the fire with a small extinguisher but was overcome by the thick smoke.

Firefighters provided him with oxygen therapy until the arrival of an ambulance, which took the man to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The fire was contained to the kitchen having started in a dishwasher and spread to the timber cupboards and work-top.

The alarm was raised by smoke detectors previously fitted by the fire service during a home safety visit again highlighting the value of these devices.