Video: Ugandan forest conservationists visit Alfriston

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Two members of the Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda, who research and work with chimpanzees, visited Alfriston this week.

Monday and Geresomu travelled from Uganda to meet Vernon Reynolds, who set up the project in 1990.

They were given a tour of the village, the South Downs and the church in Alfriston.

Before visiting Alfriston, Monday and Geresomu visited London where they took in some of the famous sites and buildings.

The Budongo Conservation Field Station is a base for a wide variety of research and conservation.

The organisation’s website says it aims to ensure sustainable management and utilization of the Budongo Forest Reserve as a model for tropical rainforest management.

The forest is home to thousands of tropical plants and animals including chimpanzees.

Students and scientists are welcomed to the station to help with the research programme.

Click on our video to see footage from Monday and Geresomu’s visit.

You can found out more about the Budongo Conservation Field Station by visiting and





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