Cranes will be used to move wind farm parts from Tide Mills

Area of Tidemills to be used for wind farm equipment SUS-140226-172511001
Area of Tidemills to be used for wind farm equipment SUS-140226-172511001

Cranes look set to be a feature of the seaside during the construction of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm near Newhaven.

Harbour master Captain Dave Williams confirmed cranes would be used to pick up wind farm parts from the lay down area at Tide Mills.

This will mean cranes will be visible at the beauty spot and on the edge of the South Downs National Park, although at this stage it is uncertain how many cranes there will be or how tall they will be.

Captain Williams said: “We are still waiting for information from Eon and their chosen wind turbine manufacturer to feed this information into the Environmental Statement. Hopefully we will have all the details in time for the exhibition.”

An exhibition about the wind farm will be held on The Hillcrest Centre from 2pm to 8pm on April 15.

Friends of Tide Mills chairman Jim Skinner said: “It is common knowledge that the latest turbines now being used are massive in scale and so it wouldn’t be a surprise that they will require at least large cranes to move them around.

“My personal view is that we do have to bear in mind that a busy, successful port will inevitably include heavy industrial infrastructure and perhaps that is the price to pay for such.

“I would not object myself on this but of course recognise other people may have a different view.

“The FOTM are concerned about loss of open space and environmental consequences for Tide Mills and are very much involved in these aspects, as of course would be the Environment Agency, all three of our councils and the SDNP Authority.”