Selfish riders endanger others at Ashdown Forest



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ASHDOWN Forest Conservators are appealing for help in identifying two men who are riding very fast through the Forest.

They have complaints about the two riders and horses and say they could endanger others using the trackways. They say people who report do not have to give their own names if they don’t want to - simply call the Centre on: 01342 823583.

There are two small, bay, thoroughbred polo pony types ridden by two men. One is in his late teens or early twenties, the other is older. They have been seen most Sundays in the Shepherds Gate, Townsends and Dumpys area usually between 10-11am. Witnesses say they often ride very fast and cause problems for other riders and Forest users. And they emphasise how vital it is for people to balance their own enjoyment of the countryside with the needs of others.