Crowborough golf club land to become heath

The 14th fairway
The 14th fairway

Parts of a golf course will be restored to its former heathland, thanks to a newly-awarded grant scheme.

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club has announced that it has been accepted by Natural England into the higher level stewardship scheme - testament to the way staff have maintained the course over the past few years.

The higher level stewardship scheme, which provides grant aided funds to landowners, will enable the club to step up the process of restoring the common with money coming through over the next ten years, starting this year.

Natural England recognises that the delicate nature of heathland should be maintained so that the bio-diversity of the common is protected for the benefit of everyone who wants to enjoy it. This means it cannot be used for anything other than golf in the immediate future.

The work will be carried out by greens staff, contractors and volunteers.

As well as restoring the heath, club officials are working together with East Sussex County Council and discussing how to ensure people can access the common in safety. ESCC will implement the CROW act in 2019 to make sure that people will be able to access just over 60 per cent of the land owned by the club via rights of way. This means that new permissive routes and rights of way will be created and made available to the community.

Officials want to make sure members of the public are not restricted from accessing and enjoying the common and they hope that the restoration of the heathland - together with clear identification of the parts used solely for golf - will enable everyone to enjoy its benefits. For details about the club and the common visit the Crowborough Common website