Dog attacks on Wealden sheep

There has been a recent spate of sheep worrying by dogs across Wealden.

Early on Wednesday morning, farmer Keith Porter, of Ades Farm, Three Cups (east of Heathfield), went to check on his flock.

His wife Margaret said: “He checks them a couple of times a day or more. This was an early morning visit. When he got there he was horrified to find three sheep had been killed and others were seriously hurt, covered with deep bite marks. He called police immediately.”

Mrs Porter said a lamb had also apparently been killed and the carcass taken by foxes. She said the surviving sheep were severely traumatised and it will take a long time before they can regain their confidence. They have received veterinary treatment and are recovering.

A neighbour told her husband he saw a large, gingery-coloured dog and another like a small St Bernard.

Mrs Porter wants to warn other local livestock farmers. She went on: “Police said to us if this happens again, we must call their professional marksmen and the dogs will be shot immediately. The dogs must have gone back covered in blood - I can’t believe owners would not notice.”

In another attack, an Ashdown Forest farmer had three sheep bitten and killed - a ewe and two lambs - by a dog on Tuesday. Conservators were told the dog is large and has been described as being ‘foxy’ in colour.

They said: “The bites on the sheep were massive so it indicates the dog is quite a size and rather powerful. The sheep killed were just off the Forest in the Newbridge area which is very close to where the flock of Hebrideans are currently based.” If anyone saw the dog or recognises the description, email: or ring: 01342 823583