Send us your A-level selfies

Send us your selfies SUS-140708-162214001
Send us your selfies SUS-140708-162214001

With A-level results out on Thursday and GCSEs the following week, the Sussex Express is telling all students – we’d love to see your celebration selfies!

We want you to share this moment of joy with us, and how better than to capture it on camera and send it in to us?

Grab your results sheet, hold it high and smile for the camera. Take a cheeky selfie and send it in to us – and we will print it in the Sussex Express and on our website.

Not sure about having a selfie by yourself? Grab your mates and do a group shot to send in to us – the more the merrier!

There are lots of ways to get in touch and share your happy news in a snapshot.

Why not email us at

Or find us on Facebook – or tweet us sussex_express.

Or you can use the ‘send us your pictures’ option on our website at

Please remember to give us your name, age, where you are from and what school you go to.

We’d love to know what grades you got in which subjects – and what are you planning to do next.

We will also have our editorial team out at schools across the area, capturing the happy moments and finding out how you all got on and what this means for the future.

Good luck to everyone who is collecting their results over the next few weeks!