Abandoned Daisy is proud mum to a foal

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A SHETLAND pony found abandoned in a field near Barcombe in January has gave birth to a filly at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on Tuesday.

Daisy was taken to Raystede at Ringmer with serious wounds to her rear.

At the time it was thought these injuries could have been caused by a recent birth or severe infection or even deliberately inflicted.

The vet bills ran into several thousands of pounds but Daisy made a good recovery and soon became a firm favourite with staff and visitors.

It came as a surprise to all to find that a couple of months later her pregnancy was confirmed.

Since then, staff at Raystede have been keeping a close watch on Daisy day and night.

Head of Equine, Hannah Fielding said: “Despite everything that Daisy has been through, she actually had a relatively easy birth.

“We were concerned for her because of her injuries and age but we are delighted that both she and her foal are doing well.

“She is proving to be an excellent mother but keeping a close watch over her foal.

“This birth is a first for Raystede as our equine herd usually come to us in their twilight years.

“It is especially exciting as this year is Raystede’s 60th anniversary year.

“We hope that Daisy and the foal will soon be out in our fields for our visitors to see but at the moment we do ask that they are both given some quiet bonding time together.”

The additional costs of caring for this adorable youngster will create an extra drain on Raystede’s limited resources.

If you would like to help Daisy and her new foal, please make a donation no matter how small, by contacting Fundraising at Raystede on 01825 840747.

Alternatively, visit www.raystede.org or text FOAL12 £1-£10 to 70070.