Hebridean sheep on the Forest

Heb and lamb
Heb and lamb
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ABOUT 34 Hebridean sheep will shortly be grazing on the Ashdown Forest. They can be found in the area known as Jumpers Town, (below the Enchanted Place near Gills Lap.) Grazing warning signs will be posted in two nearby car parks, Warren and Dumpys and there will also be signs along the major firebreaks, bridle and footpaths. Conservators advise people to keep their dogs under control or, if you are unsure, on a lead, when you approach the flock.

Hebridean sheep are small, black sheep from Scotland. They often have two pairs of horns and were formerly known as St Kilda sheep. They are smaller than most other breeds with fully-grown ewes weighing about 40kg and rams just a little heavier.

Hebrideans are hardy and can thrive on rough grazing so they are often used in conservation projects to maintain and improve natural grassland and heathland, hence their important job on the Ashdown Forest. Hebrideans used to be in need of conservation but recently the breed has revived.