Ferry good idea as arts festival takes place on board between Newhaven and Dieppe

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Artists events, performances and workshops will be underway on the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry on Tuesday August 19.

The unusual crossing is part of the Diep Haven Festival which will run from 9am to 9pm.

Passengers can expect an exhibition, concerts and lectures, as well as video projections.

Resident artists have taken inspiration from Dieppe, Newhaven and the cross-Channel ferry.

The results will be presented to the public in 2015, as Diep Haven presents a programme of events and exhibitions on the topic of “New Worlds”.

MP Norman Baker will be joining organisers Association Cybéle at the ferry terminal on August 19 at 8.45am to see the ferry off.

Association Cybele has hosted the arts festival Diep in Dieppe since 2010.

This year is the first year that the festival has been taken across the Channel.