Film marks 40 years of partnership between Harveys and Breaky Bottom

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When Breaky Bottom produced their first ever bottles of wine, it made perfect sense to sell them through Harveys Brewery Shop.

Both companies stand for the same traditional values and seek the highest possible quality within their products.

Harveys became the first stockist of Breaky Bottom wine, produced at the vineyard at Whiteway Lane, Lewes, and are proud to be their longest-standing retailer.

This partnership has now been going strong for 40 years.

As part of Breaky Bottom’s special 40th anniversary celebrations, Peter Hall, winemaker and viticulturalist, and Miles Jenner, head brewer, have collaborated on a short film, detailing the extensive comparisons and firm relationship between the vineyard and the brewery.

This film, produced by Breaky Bottom, provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about two of Sussex’s most iconic tipples, from a thriving English vineyard which is still at the forefront of the English Wine industry to the history, passion and complex processes which go into making that perfect pint.

All of this combined with the friendship and humour which keeps the relationship going strong.

Peter Hall planted his vineyard in 1974 at a time when there were only a dozen or so growers in the whole country. He had come to realise that there was a good potential for grape growing and winemaking in the UK where the climate is very similar to that of the near continent.

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