Good Christmas season for Newhaven Rotary Club

Newhaven Rotary Club
Newhaven Rotary Club

Despite the difficult economic situation and wet weather, Newhaven Rotary Club had an excellent Christmas season, raising £3,802.

The group thanked Sainsbury’s for allowing members to collect at the entrance to the store in Drove Road and shoppers for their generous support.

The rotary club thanked those who contributed to the cost of providing the annual Christmas concert, tea and carol singing for more elderly residents which was held in December.

Amongst those who contributed were Telscombe Town Council and Peacehaven Town Council, while donations from one of Sainsbury’s charities and Veolia provided take-home gifts for those attending the concert.

Seaford Musical Theatre gave the concert and the drivers from Community Transport Lewes area gave their time to ensure that elderly residents were collected from their homes and returned safely at the end of the afternoon.

Kathleen Verrall, from Newhaven Rotary Club, said: “During the Christmas collections at Sainsburys many elderly residents said how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and it was very nice to receive such positive feedback. We will be doing it all again in December 2014.”