Hellingly woman falsely dismissed

Stephanie Rosan, Dismissed from work as she was pregnant, May 3rd 2013 E19009P
Stephanie Rosan, Dismissed from work as she was pregnant, May 3rd 2013 E19009P

A Hellingly woman who was falsely sacked from her job after she fell pregnant has been awarded more than £18,000 in compensation.

Victoria Rosan, known as Steph, was working as a receptionist at the Waterside Hotel in Eastbourne when she found out she was expecting a baby in January 2012.

Steph was employed at the hotel in Royal Parade as the head receptionist.

She said: “I had a good relationship with my manager at the time and I told him about my pregnancy straight away.”

Steph wanted to continue working the six days a week she was contracted to do.

But, she said ‘alarm bells started ringing’ when she was asked by the manager to put a job advert in the paper for a hotel receptionist.

She said: “At first they told me to put weekend receptionist required, which we had never had before, and then they told me to take the part-time out.

“To me, anyone reading that sort of an advert would assume it was a full-time role - a job I was already doing.”

Sadly, there were problems with Steph’s baby and after an early scan it was found she had suffered a miscarriage.

As a result, she had two weeks off work sick and in that time the management at The Waterside were sending her messages to say they wanted to cut her hours.

Steph said: “It was just adding more and more stress on to me.

“They were saying it was best for me to come back two or three days a week on the same money, which I really couldn’t understand and I told them it didn’t make sense.”

Steph sought advice and was told that a cut in her hours would mean she was not working in accordance with her contract, which would therefore compromise her rights as her contract would be void.

Steph took the Waterside Hotel to an employment tribunal.

She attended court at Croydon and received a judgment which stated she had been dismissed because of her pregnancy and awarded her £18,612.84. She was also awarded £1,600 in court costs.

The judgment was made against Cavendar Hotels, trading as The Waterside Hotel in Eastbourne.

The hotel management were approached by the Express but did not make any comment about the case or the judgement.

Steph said: “It is not about the money - it is the principle.

“It is disgusting the way I was treated.”

Happily, Steph now is expecting a baby boy in September.