Lewes man carries Olympic torch in Eastbourne

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LEWES resident David Bradford talked in a special assembly at Wallands Primary School about his nomination to be an Olympic Torchbearer.

He told the children and staff that he is gradually losing his sight as a result of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and the impact that this now has on his life.

David is a keen motorcyclist but his sight deteriorated to the point where he did not meet the DVLA criteria so he had to stop driving.

This was a devastating blow for him but he bravely refocused his energy and enthusiasm from motorcycling to running.

He now trains hard to run marathons and raise money for the charity, RP Fighting Blindness.

The children at Wallands were left in little doubt that David is a sporting hero and is a worthy choice to be carrying the Olympic flame on the Eastbourne leg of the relay on July 17.

He plans to return to the school with the torch the next day.