Long Man sex change show to be broadcast

A CONTROVERSIAL TV programme showing the Long Man of Wilmington with breasts and pigtails will be shown on TV tonight (Tuesday).

Fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah sparked fury among druids when they got 80 women to lay on the ancient Sussex landmark and turn it into a woman for a TV stunt.

Druid Greg Draven said: 'Our biggest fear is that they edit us on the programme to misrepresent us as a bunch of loonies.

'We never really expected them to stop it happening and we started an online petition to put our point of view across although we never thought it would be put off air.'

Mr Draven said the pagan community were concerned the TV show would encourage other people to walk across the Long Man, damaging the site.

He added: 'If that happens it could get damaged beyond repair as has already happened with Stonehenge.'

ITV gained permission for the stunt from Sussex Archaeological Society which later apologised after protests were held by the druid community at the Long Man.

A confrontation also took place between Trinny and Susannah and protestors at the site.

The Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation TV show will be aired on from 8pm to 9pm on ITV1.

What do you think about the TV stunt being shown on TV?

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