Maresfield hosts fun sports event

simmons gainsford
simmons gainsford

The world of work was forgotten when Uckfield business people threw themselves into an energetic game of rounders last Tuesday evening.

Four teams of ten battled it out at Maresfield recreation ground while another 40 supporters looked on and enjoyed socialising, and then a barbecue, on a sunny evening.

The event was organised by accountancy firm Simmons Gainsford, based in New Town, Uckfield, who wanted to give business people the opportunity of getting to know each other in a different environment.

Partner James Duggan said: “The response has been fantastic. I’m very pleased so many turned out and are enjoying themselves.

“We chose rounders because while it is competitive it is fun too.

“We feel that the more Uckfield business people interact with each other, the more business they will do together which must be good for the whole Uckfield Community.”

James had contacted the Sussex Express to ask if the paper could publicise his planned event, finding out if any local firms would care to make up a team.

As a result there was a healthy response.

Uckfield Chamber of Commerce president David Marshall, senior partner at Dawson Hart solicitors, said it was good to see Simmons Gainsford promoting local business through the Chamber by being prepared to organise a sports event, something completely different and which hopefully would become an annual event.