Memorial plan for grave digger

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A MEMORIAL plaque is likely to be set up to remember a former grave digger who dug graves at Hailsham Cemetery for a total of 22 years.

George Bradford retired in October 2010 and sadly died the following February.

He and his wife Janet ran L Tookey & Son, Monumental Masons, which is now run by other members of the family.

A town council report said Mrs Bradford wanted a memorial plaque for her husband placed in or near the chapel. Mr Braford was cremated so there is no grave stone, the report added. The masons would make the plaque so there would be no charge to the council.

The report said: “We suggest this would be a very suitable memorial for someone who did so much work for Hailsham Town Council.”

There are enough spaces for new graves at the cemetery for the next 15 years, according to the council report.

It added: “The council should be aware of this.”