New A26 speed limit demanded near Rose Hill, Isfield

Rose Hill, Isfield
Rose Hill, Isfield

Families living along the busy A26 near Rose Hill, Isfield, are lodging a petition which aims to reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph.

They say the road is extremely dangerous – both for local residents and drivers wanting to turn onto it from Kiln Lane, Horsted Lane and Bradfords Lane.

The A26 at Rose Hill carries traffic from the A22 and Uckfield down to Lewes and the A27. It is also a busy bus route and is used by walkers and horseriders.

Lead petitioner and Rose Hill resident Jerome Charles Phillips said: “Perhaps the most dangerous element is the very poor visibility, where cars waiting to turn into any side road are confronted by vehicles approaching at a high speed. A few years ago the limit was reduced from 60mph to 50mph but that is now far too fast.”

Petitioners would like to see the new limit applied south of the A26 junction with Kiln Lane and finishing north of the crossroads where Horsted Lane and Bradfords Lane intersect the A26.

They say the stretch of road involved is about 0.75 miles long. If the current limit is reduced to 40mph it would increase journey time by 15 seconds for motorists driving at the legal limit. It is directly accessed by 25 homes, a farm and a pub car park (The Halfway House.)

Mr Phillips said the road’s hilly nature means that residents have to take into account ‘blind spots’ when turning into the road in a car.

Even if traffic is travelling at the correct maximum speed they usually have no more than five seconds to access the road.

A number have children who have to walk along and cross the road to reach a school bus. The road is also used by hikers since there are three footpaths which access it. The number 29 bus service uses the road and residents using it also have to walk from bus stops to their homes. There is no safe place to cross.

He points out there are no footpaths on either side of the road and no street lighting. ESCC recently employed someone to deliver information to houses on this section of road about the broadband programme but he would not as it was too dangerous.

Wealden District Council is currently considering a planning application for a further four houses with acccess onto the A26. Four homes in Kiln Lane and three on Horsted Lane are near junctions and would benefit from a reduction in the speed limit. Mr Phillips estimates there will be about 100 signatures by the time the petition is handed in to ESCC on October 21.

Visit: or a copy at the Halfway House.