New Year 7 pupils have an introduction to life at Seaford Head School

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Making rockets and lemon drizzle cake, as well as throwing some shapes at a disco were just some of the activities on offer when Seaford Head School opened its doors last week to its new intake for Year 7.

The students were given the opportunity, across the week long transition programme, to take part in exciting and fun lessons and meet the teachers who will be teaching them in September.

The school has run this week of activities and events for the Year 6 students to make their transition into secondary school a less daunting experience.

A student from Cradle Hill said: “This has been a fun and exciting week. The highlights have been the rocket lesson and the disco.”

Another student from Seaford Primary added: “I was so scared about getting lost, but after a week at Seaford Head School, I realise I was worrying for nothing.”

A music concert was also held that introduced the students to opportunities available through the music service and the chance to learn new and exciting instruments.

As part of the week the Year 8 career ambassadors were also on hand to talk to the students.

The week culminated with a Year 6 and 7 disco, which the school feel is a valuable way of developing the students’ social skills and confidence.

On the last day the students had a full assembly where Mrs Mathews, assistant head teacher for Steyne Site, said: “They had been a fantastic year group and that she looked forward to them all starting at the school in September.”