Petition plea for the return of ‘much loved’ Lewes art gallery

Former Thebes Gallery
Former Thebes Gallery

Local people have been signing a petition calling for the return of a popular art gallery to Lewes.

It has been organised by Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe who wants to see the re-opening of Thebes, a former stable block at the back of Lewes House.

The move comes as a question mark hangs over the future of the former Lewes District Council offices, with suggestions that it becomes a hotel or a cultural hub for the community.

Thebes was created as an art gallery in 2000 but was closed by the district council eight years later amid public outcry over the loss of what was considered an important asset.

Cllr O’Keeffe said: “With the future of Lewes House being discussed I feel that now is an ideal opportunity to return Thebes to its much-loved and missed identity as a small gallery.

“This would not need to get in the way of proposals for the main house, whatever they turn out to be, and would return something many people have never given up hope of seeing again. Clearly although in 2008 it was judged essential for office accommodation, this is no longer the case. It has been possible to house all of the officers in other council buildings.”

Cllr O’Keeffe has set-up an e-petition on the East Sussex County Council website and paper versions can be found in local shops.