Pick of the pea-chucking champs

THE LEWES Arms hosted the ninth annual World Pea Throwing Championship and once again witnessed some hefty legume hurling.

Although the world record (which stands at a mighty 38.7 metres) wasn't threatened this year, Sunday's event was well attended and raised more than 120 for the Sussex Association for Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.

Stephen Forster, whose pea travelled an impressive 27.8 metres, regained his 2005 World Champion's title.

Second prize went to Johnny Newton (27.70 metres).

Susan Burrell (16.97 metres) won the ladies' class with Annabel Roberts (16.84) a close second and Carys Davies (15.52 metres) beat Nick Holyer (15.10 metres) to take first prize in the children's class.