Play Days help Wealden children enjoy outdoors

Tug of war
Tug of war

If you are tired of watching your youngsters spend hours on their mobiles or tablets, then enrol them for one of five Play Days organised in Wealden’s main towns by the District Council.

Organisers say it’s all about getting out and having fun – an attack on the sedentary lifestyles of many youngsters which can lead to obesity and other health problems in later life.

The council says Play Days are totally inclusive with a broad range of physical and other activities including healthy cooking sessions, arts and crafts, group games and dance.

Local sports clubs, leisure centres and Children’s Centres will also be highlighting the activities that they offer and encouraging continued participation over the summer.

Cabinet member for public health, Cllr Claire Dowling said: “Last summer’s Play Days attracted nearly 800 children despite the poor weather. This year, come rain or shine, we are hoping to attract even more.

“As my responsibilities include health and wellbeing I am aware that 29 per cent of Wealden children aged 10 -11 are either overweight or obese.

“It is important for all of us, but especially for parents, to make provision for and encourage children to be involved in plenty of physical activities – and to join in themselves.

“The easy option is to let the children play computer games all day but too much sitting around is simply storing up health problems for the future.

“The Wealden Play Days provide a great opportunity to encourage children and carers to get active.”

Events run from 10am- 2pm and people can bring a picnic.

Natasha Brown, Wealden community sports officer, said: “We are pleased to support these activity days and help promote the fun and benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

“By inviting youngsters to try out some new activities and sports and learn about healthy eating alongside their parents and grandparents, we hope the whole family will consider fresh ways to enjoy activities locally.”

A mum who went to events last year said: “My three children had a great time.

“My six year old was really well looked after by sports staff and had a great time playing badminton, tennis and cricket.

“All three children enjoyed the cookery sessions and the younger ones especially liked the face painting and balloons.”