Police caution against tomb stoning in Newhaven and Seaford as summer approaches

Newhaven West Beach.
Newhaven West Beach.

With the summer holidays approaching, Newhaven and Seaford police are warning young people and their parents of the dangers of tomb stoning.

During the holidays last year there were a number of reports from people who were concerned about youngsters jumping off the large groyne at Splash Point in Seaford.

PS Stuart Mullins, at Seaford Police Station, said: “Tomb stoning is dangerous and there are signs to reinforce just how hazardous it is.

“Though it may not appear very high, there are a great deal of submerged hazards around the groyne and elsewhere along the coast and there is a potential for very serious injury and even drowning.

“Every year, somewhere around the UK, people die or are severely injured and I would ask all parents to emphasise this to their children the next time they say they are going to play at the beach.”

Newhaven Breakwater is also a popular spot for tomb stoning but fraught with hazards.