2015 will be ‘defining’ election battle, says Green Party hopeful

Alfie Stirling
Alfie Stirling

Alfie Stirling has been selected as the 2015 General Election candidate for Lewes District Green Party.

After a ballot of all local members, he won a majority of first preference votes, ahead of second-placed Susan Murray who has represented the party on two previous occasions.

Mr Stirling said: “2015 will be a defining election. With Norman Baker working in government to help deliver a Conservative agenda for Lewes and the country, people now know that a vote for the Lib Dems is no longer a vote to keep the Tories out. For the first time in a generation, local residents face no disincentive to voting for the party that represents their views best.

“Whether it’s on securing more affordable housing to help young people and young families live in their local area, whether it’s about ensuring people are paid at least a living wage so that work always pays enough to live on, or whether its about opposing fracking and supporting community energy projects to bring down fuel prices and reduce reliance on fossil fuels: the Green Party represents local people trying to get by and trying to get heard. Our job is to make sure these people have a voice, and a party to vote for, in 2015.”

Cllr Murray said: “It has been an honour to represent the Green Party at the last two General Elections. Now, however, the time is right to pass the baton to a member of the younger generation – after all it is they and future generations who will have to cope with the mess left by the business-as-usual parties.

“I know that Alfie will do a great job as our candidate and I look forward to supporting him in every way I can.”