Poppy displays throughout Lewes District Commemorate WWI

Poppies at Seaford Cemetery
Poppies at Seaford Cemetery

Spectacular displays of poppies were planted by Lewes District Council around the area to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I.

The council said it had sown an amazing 5000 square metres of poppies in prominent positions throughout the Lewes District,

Poppies at Landport Bottom in Lewes.

Poppies at Landport Bottom in Lewes.

It selected locations which would be as prominent as visible, such as Denton Island in Newhaven and Lewes and Seaford Cemeteries.

Cabinet member for Community Improvement cllr Ron Maskell said: “Planting Flanders poppies is a fitting way to mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1.

“It’s important to commemorate the people who have given their lives for peace and freedom.

“As much of the Lewes District is now part of a Biosphere Reserve, making space for wildlife is something that the planting of these poppies will encourage.”

The poppy planting supports the British Legion’s Centenary Poppy Campaign.

It was planned to flower for Monday August 4 to coincide with the anniversary of the start of WWI.

Other sites include Station Approach by Seaford Station, Meeching Down in Newhaven, and many other locations throughout Telscombe, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Seaford and Lewes.

Poppies were also planted in housing estates, including the Landport Estate in Lewes and Ashington Gardens in Peachaven.

The poppies were sown in May on areas that were predominantly amenity grass.

The “Flanders” poppy is a native British cornfield annual which attracts bees and insects.

This is part of a broader project within the district to plant areas of native wildflowers to attract wildlife to the edges of recreation grounds, parks, housing areas and gardens.