Pot hole repairs poor, claim couple

A couple from Hailsham have been left frustrated at the “rough standard” of work to fix pot holes which they claim they have been complaining about for months.

Les and Frances Spicer claim repair work to fix the road near White Dyke was not up to standard and fear the problem will reappear again this winter.

They have been in touch with the Highways Department.

A East Sussex County Council (ESCC) spokesman said contractors had repaired the road and they were satisfied with the quality of the work.

They added: “Near White Dyke is approximately 100 park homes paying an average of £1,100 per annum council tax, plus other brick built properties further down. Because this is a minor road, it has only been repaired to a rough standard which will only result in water ingress and subsequent freezing this winter will only render it back as it was very rapidly, and it has been in this state for many years.

Roger Williams, ESCC head of highways, said contractors work to their specification and in the expert opinion of the contractor, the repairs that have been carried out to a sufficient standard.

He said: “This work is a temporary measure and a precursor to the road being surface dressed, meaning it will receive a completely new surface, which is likely to happen next year.

“All repairs carried out by our contractor are guaranteed for a year so if in the meantime the surface of the road should begin to deteriorate below the acceptable standard during the next 12 months, the contractors will return to repair the road at their own cost.”