Rare dogs to take a bow wow at Crufts show

A PUPPY and her mum will bravely face handsome rivals at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show this week.

Four-year-old mum Daisy, real name Fouveaux Mazin Masie and her 14-month-old daughter Peggy, real name Fouveaux Ice Ticket-to-Ride, are both Lancashire heelers

A vulnerable breed – only 94 puppies were registered in the country last year.

Owner Debbie Felstead, a farm housewife in Chiddingly who bred the dogs as a hobby, described the duo as working dogs.

She said: “The breed originally came from Lancashire and were used as cattle drivers for miles and miles.

“They have terrier instincts but they are not terriers, they are working dogs.

“Experts think the breed originated as a cross breed between Manchester terriers and Welsh Corgis.”

The duo will be put into a pastoral group with the same breed at Crufts and they could then progress up the stages to win the overall best in show.

Entrants have to follow certain criteria in front of judges such as standing on tables to be handled by them and walking in triangle formations.

Daisy has a challenge certificate which means she can enter Crufts every year.

Last year she same fifth and third the year before, in her class at the prestigious dog show.

Debbie Felstead was excited about the atmosphere of the competition.

She said: “It’s a very rewarding hobby especially for me.

“Crufts is competitive but it’s great fun with a great sense of comradery.

“We have a nice nucleus of people who go to the show and we are all good friends.

“Everyone always praises the winner who is chosen, at the end of the day, according to individual judges’ preferences.”

Daisy and Peggy were too busy preparing for the show to give a comment to the Sussex Express.

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