British charity worker killed in Nigeria 'touched many hearts with his kindness'

A British charity worker killed after being held hostage in Nigeria was "constantly pushing the boundaries of generosity", his family said.

The circumstances surrounding Ian Squire's death, three weeks after his kidnap, were not immediately clear.

On Monday the news broke that Mr Squire been killed, while three other British nationals had returned safely home after the west African country's authorities negotiated their release.

It is understood that Mr Squire and fellow Christian charity workers David and Shirley Donovan and Alanna Carson were working as missionaries when they were abducted from their accommodation in Delta State in the south of the country in the early hours of October 13.

In a statement released by the Foreign Office the family said: "We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Ian, a loving father, husband, and devout Christian, who dedicated much of his life in the service of others.

"It's clear that Ian had touched many hearts with his kindness and grace.

"The extent of his impact is only made more apparent by the overwhelming response from the community in the wake of his death.

"He was a man constantly pushing the boundaries of generosity with his charity work, the scope of which knew no borders, taking him all the way to developing countries that needed it the most.

"Whilst the pain of this loss will be felt for many years to come, we are heartened by the incredible show of support and love from those that his life touched.

"The family at this time appreciates your support and privacy as we deal with this unimaginable loss.''

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