Rescue after yacht loses engine power

The crew of a yacht had to be rescued on Sunday (September 1) after it got into difficulties off Beachy Head.

Eastbourne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was launched at 10.45pm.

The 26ft yacht with two people on board was on passage to Eastbourne when it lost engine power while rounding Beachy Head.

A spokesman for Eastbourne RNLI said: “Unable to sail in the prevailing conditions, the yacht’s skipper called HM Coastguard for assistance.

“Initially the call was taken by Solent Coastguard who relayed the message to Dover Coastguard for action.

“Soon on scene, a volunteer crewman was transferred from the ALB to the stricken vessel to attach a towline.

“The lifeboat then took the yacht under tow to the safety of the locks at Sovereign Harbour.”

Just a week earlier on Sunday (August 25) a single handed sailor had to be rescued after his yacht got into difficulties off Beachy Head.

A UK Border Agency Protection vessel which was patrolling the area was able to assist the sailor.

The sailor had been caught out by the rapidly changing sea conditions off Beachy Head.

The yacht had sustained damage as a result of the conditions.

A spokesman for the RNLI added: “This vessel had sustained damage to its sails but was still capable of returning to harbour under its own power.

“The Border Agency vessel launched its rapid response rib which escorted the yacht back to harbour.”