Seaford Primary School gets the thumbs up

Seaford primary, ofsted report
Seaford primary, ofsted report
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Staff at Seaford Primary School were thrilled this week after an education watchdog rated the school as good following an inspection.

Ofsted inspectors spent two days observing 25 lessons and combing through children’s work, as well as holding meetings with staff and governors.

The watchdog described the achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour of pupils and leadership and management as good, although it said some areas were very close to being rated as outstanding.

Ofsted rates schools on a four point scale: outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.

Head teacher Jon Reynard said: “We are all very pleased with the outcome of the inspection, particularly in a climate where the new inspection regime is seeing schools regularly moving from ‘good’ to ‘requiring improvement’.

“We have improved so much over the past three years that we have moved to a judgement of good in all areas.

“In fact we were delighted to be told that we were close to outstanding in the areas of ‘behaviour and safety’ and ‘leadership and management’.

“We were also very pleased with judgements in the report praising the quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils.

“The report describes our ‘social, moral, spiritual and cultural’ educational provision as outstanding.”

The watchdog gave the school some areas where it could improve even further, to ensure it became an outstanding school.

For example the inspectors’ report said not all teachers were using computers and other technologies routinely to support learning in lessons.

The inspectors also said points for improvement in marking did not always help pupils to understand how to achieve their longer term targets.

Mr Reynard added: “One of our outstanding teachers, Mrs Helen Crees, had to leave rather suddenly at the end of the first day of the inspection when her baby decided to arrive earlier than expected.

“Both mum and new baby daughter are very well. I would like to thank all the pupils, parents, staff and governors for making our school such a great place to work.

“They have all worked so hard and been so supportive of all the work we have done to raise standards.

“I am very proud to lead such a great school. We will be working hard to ensure that the issues that were raised by the inspectors are addressed and that we move towards being an outstanding school in the near future.”

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