Spotlight on prolific Lewes author who had a troubled married life

There may be fresh revelations about a woman’s sometimes troubled 30 years’ of married life in Lewes before and between the two world wars in a talk on Wednesday (October 23) at Lewes Town Hall.

From a book by local author Diana Crook, who will be giving the talk, the revelations will be about the life of Mrs Henry Dudeney. In 1998, Ms Crook edited and published Dudeney’s candid personal diaries and brought out a second edition last year.

Mrs Dudeney was a noted dramatic and romantic fiction writer who published more than 50 titles between 1898 and 1937, often referring to social problems of the working and lower middle classes.

A critic of the time said she wrote “more objectively with a stronger imaginative realism” than any other woman author.

The open-to-all talk is free and presented by the Lewes Library Friends at 7.30pm.

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