Supermarket uses town crier to reveal new store plan

TESCO has recruited a town crier in a bid to make sure everyone in Uckfield knows its views on proposals for redeveloping the town centre.

The town crier's efforts will be supplemented by leaflets and advertisements in local press.

An exhibition of the scheme will be on show at the Civic Centre between 11am-4pm on Friday and Saturday, September 19 and 20.

The firm has come up with proposals for a new, improved Tesco score and a raft of ideas it says are intended to enhance public spaces and buildings.

But it stresses that nothing will be finalised until account has been taken of public opinion.

Project leader Nick Tappin said: 'We are making every effort to ensure our scheme supports the vision for Uckfield town centre agreed by the local councils in December, and want to hear what local people think about our ideas.

'This is an opportunity for the whole community to be involved in the planning process.

'Most shoppers realise that our partner Tesco is short of space in its Uckfield store and as we address that problem there may be ways of investing in the infrastructure of the town which will benefit everybody.'