Survey about Seaford retirement homes complex

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Seaford Residents Voice is appealing for people to send in their views about the proposed retirement homes complex for the Caffyns site in Seaford.

Developer Pegasus Life wants to build 38 flats on the site in Sutton Park Road.

Lewes District Council’s planning committee delayed making a decision on the planning application submitted by Pegasus Life.

It asked the developer to look at the design of the scheme again and for information to be received from the district valuer.

Seaford Residents Voice is carrying out a survey to find out what people would like to see built on the site.

Amongst the questions the survey poses are: Seaford’s retirement population is about 30 per cent of the total. I do not want it to exceed this if it can be avoided.

It then gives people the opportunity to strongly disagree, disagree, neither disagree, nor agree, agree or strongly agree.

It also asks residents what they would like to see in the town: more high-priced retirement accommodation, more retirement accommodation, more housing that can be afforded by those on an average income or more housing, rented or purchased, that can be afforded by the children of current residents.

Pegasus Life said the site would deliver high quality homes designed by award-winning architects to meet the needs of both the residents and local community.

To take part in the survey visit

Lewes District Council will consider the scheme again at another planning meeting, which will be held at County Hall in Lewes.