Sussex Police launch summer drink-drive blitz

Motorists are being reminded they have just one simple choice when it comes to alcohol – drink or drive. Never both.

Sussex Police launched its summer drink or drive campaign on Saturday and, in conjunction with Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP), will take to the streets of the county reminding motorists of the dangers of drinking and driving.
From now until the end of the month, police across the county will be stepping up their usual activities to crack down on people who think driving while under the influence is acceptable and take those over the limit off the roads. 
However it is not just busy town and city centres which will be targeted but also rural locations, where motorists often make a relatively short journey home from a country pub. Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas from Sussex Police Road Policing Unit said: “These drink-drive checks are part of routine business for us but during this month we will be holding more visible checks and working with SSRP to educate motorists. 
“During the summer months people often get caught up in the excitement of the sunshine and enjoy an alcoholic drink outside, in a pub garden or on the beach, without thinking about the consequences if they then decide to drive. Drink-driving will not be tolerated in Sussex, not only is it against the law but it is known to result in death or injury to either yourself or others. Our role is always to keep people safe on our roads.”
During the same campaign last year 2,177 tests were carried out in June with 117 drivers arrested for being over the limit or refusing to provide a breath sample.