TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Ill health and no ambulances did not make for an easy week

One of the foxes brought in this week.

One of the foxes brought in this week.

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Thank you to Kate, Kathy, Lindsey, Murrae and Chris for helping so much this week whilst I have been ill for the second time in two weeks. With two of our ambulances off the road due to repairs its been a difficult week! So whilst I’ve been off ill, everyone has worked really hard to help as many people and casualties as possible. The ducklings which we rescued in Hailsham about 8 weeks ago after their mum tried to walk them along South Road in Hailsham have now been released into the wild at a great pond on some private land near Uckfield.

Last week we rushed to a very poorly hedgehog at Nutley, weighing less than 100 grams the poorly little creature. Despite being found at the side of School Lane out during the day the poor hedgehog was very cold, very underweight and seemed to have gone into hibernation mode, and had fly eggs all across her body too. Sadly she was too weak and passed away during the night.

The Nutley hedgehog receives treatment

The Nutley hedgehog receives treatment

One of our volunteers Roz is running a wildlife drawing and painting class, at Studio Eleven near Eastbourne Railway Station on Thursday mornings starting on Thurs 12th Sept. The class is suitalble for beginners and a donation of £10 will go to WRAS for every confirmed booking. A great way to spend a morning and coffee and biscuits will be provided too, so for more information call 01323-730239.

We have had a few calls this week from people not leaving their phone number. Please could we ask that if you call the rescue line and leave a message that you include your phone number, as the messages are sometimes forward on meaning we aren’t able to use caller ID to gain your phone number.

Rescuers spent almost 3 hours at M&S in Eastbourne after a gull managed to get stuck behind some display shelves. Chris really struggled to get to the bird which had been chased by children through the store and eventually became stuck and wedged behind some shelving units. The limited access at the top and end made it impossible to reach the bird and it became even more of a desperate situation after the management decided to call a pest control company out after initial attempts to rescue the bird failed! In the end rescuers worked with concerned floor staff at the store to slide a panel along the back of the shelving unit forcing the gull to an opening which rescuers were then able to grab hold of the gull. The gull is now in care and being monitored prior to release.

Two more foxes where dealt with at the weekend too including one found behind the Power Mill Lane Hotel near Battle. The poor fox had wounds under its armpits and was not using its front legs and covered in fly eggs too, we think it may have been a road casualty as it had two broken front legs, sadly we had no choice but to put the fox to sleep. However the mange fox from St Leonards which came in quite weak has responded well to treatment and has now been released back to the wild within its home range. The fox from Bexhill which had burnt it’s nose and paws is doing very well and recovering amazingly too.

Our young kestrel which was hand reared is now in the final stages of rehabilitation out in an outdoor aviary from which it will be released. Our group of hand reared crows have also been released in the last week. Great news that a Jay with a broken wing that we have had in for some time brought to us by our locum vet from a practice he works at is now flying in the indoor aviary & we are hopeful he will be able to go back to the wild soon. We have been working hard to get all the baby hedgehogs that have been hand reared by Monica and Nikki back to the wild. We still have a few groups left, but hopefully these will be up to weight soon and able to be released before the Winter. Both our sets of babies who were in care with their mums after nests being disturbed have also been released back to the wild now. We are now preparing for the busy Autumn and Winter hedgehog season and planning for how we will overwinter all the hedgehogs we will undoubtedly get in care. Last year we had over 135 of them. We are in need of hedgehog boxes and large single or double hutches, as well as outdoor runs (not attached to hutches) , if anyone is looking for anything to buy off our wish list then these would be ideal and much appreciated.

We have been inundated with baby Wood Pigeons in the last few weeks, some as young as 24hrs old. Most of them have had some very nasty injuries from cat attacks requiring wounds to be stapled. They are all doing really well now, and without wanting to speak too soon the last 3 are due to move from Kathy’s to the casualty centre this week for the last stage of the rearing process. We have a constant stream of hand reared Woodies and doves going into our aviaries at the moment for release.