Tribute paid to chairman of Newhaven in Bloom

Chairman of Newhaven in Bloom John Adams
Chairman of Newhaven in Bloom John Adams

“A lot of people have said: ‘What’s going to happen to Newhaven?’ I don’t think people realise what he did for the town,” said Cindy Adams.

Her husband John, well known and loved by many in the community was the chairman of Newhaven in Bloom and spent the past six years taking care of floral displays in the community.

John, 72, who lived just off Court Farm Road, died suddenly of a heart attack in Peacehaven on July 13 outside the carvery.

More than 100 people turned out for his funeral at the Woodvale Crematorium in Brighton on Tuesday July 22.

John helped to instal the planters which can be seen on Newhaven High Street and the boat filled with plants on the ring road.

Cindy, 74, said when he noticed branches overhanging footpaths in the town he would set off for a walk armed with secateurs to prune them.

He also painted the railings at Newhaven Harbour once a year having asked the port for permission to go ahead. The port even supplied him with the materials to carry out the job.

As the chairman of Newhaven in Bloom he helped organise the annual floral competition, which encouraged people to make the town a brighter more colourful place to be.

He even watered the planters with Cindy’s help to ensure they looked their best and together they would take the car down to the High Street with 40 milk bottles filled with water.

Now the group has just two members, Cindy and Fran, although Cindy said it was too early to decide what they would do next.

Cindy added: “He was just a lovely man. Everybody loved him. He liked to get out in the fresh air and he loved watching the ferries coming in. He had lots of energy.

“He couldn’t help helping people.”

Cindy said John’s motivation for taking over Newhaven in Bloom was his desire to see the town look good, as opposed to a love for gardening.

He leaves behind his wife Cindy and his two daughters Tracey and Wendy as well as five grand children.