Uckfield author aims for best seller list

Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin, 57, from London Road, Uckfield, has published her first novel.

Susan’s talent for prose was discovered while she was still at school when her long, descriptive essays won her high praise, sparking her passion for writing.

For years Susan wrote for her own pleasure, it was only when her children had grown up she decided to write a novel. ‘Bird in a Gilded Cage,’ set in the Edwardian era against the backdrop of the Suffragette movement, highlights the fight women had for the most basic of rights, namely the right to vote. It is also the story of one woman’s fight for freedom against the odds, and friendship pushed to the limits of endurance.

Fighting to break free from her overbearing and manipulative parents, who are intent on her marrying the man of their choice, Beth is pressured towards leading a life devoid of freedom that fits the social standing of the era. In contrast, Beth’s wayward brother James has no restrictions on the way he leads his life and is free to sow his wild oats how he pleases. Determined not to succumb to her parents’ demands, Beth befriends the headstrong Suffragette Alice Sparks and finds herself drawn into the fight for the emancipation of women.

Susan combines working part-time with writing and is researching her second book, which is partly contemporary and partly historical, set at the beginning of the Second World War in Brighton.