UFOs 'seemed to leave Earth'

UFOs were spotted in a clear night sky above an East Sussex Town.

Ben Coxe, 26, a postman, saw strange lights from the back garden of his girlfriend Fiona's parents' home in Harmers Hay Road, Hailsham.

Between eight and nine lights were seen rising up at the same point in the sky.

Mr Coxe said: 'I would say they were in the sky for five minutes and we started counting them.

'They faded as they went up.

'The lights seemed as high as an airplane.'

Mr Coxe said there was no noise. The lights seemed to be red in colour.

Mr Coxe added: 'It sounds funny but in extraterrestrial terms it seemed like they were leaving the Earth.

'It was very strange to see them go to the same point in the sky.

'It was a very clear sky and we could see the stars.

'I am a science fiction fan but I'm not a UFO hunter.'