Video: Serious fire at Ashdown Forest

Emergency services were called to a serious fire which swept through 20 acres of the Ashdown Forest yesterday (Wednesday June 5).

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service sent 16 fire engines to the blaze, just off the A22 north of Wych Cross.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Fire fighters were called at 2.30pm yesterday and are still there today dampening down the area to ensure the fire is out.

A total of ten 4x4s, a water carrier and two incident command units were sent and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service had support from Kent and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: “Police were called just before 2.30pm on Wednesday (June 5) following a report of a large fire in Ashdown Forest.

“The blaze was dealt with by the East Sussex Fire and Rescue, which had 16 pumps in attendance. Around 20 hectares were thought to be affected by the fire.

“The police helicopter attended to give an overall view of the fire. There were no reports of smoke issuing across roads or danger to life or property.”

The first of several 999 calls to the service was received at 1:57pm.

The police helicopter attended to help give the incident commander an aerial view.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “This was a large, protracted incident with crews working tirelessly to bring it under control.

“Crews were at the scene until midnight, but re-attended the following morning (6th June) at 7.30am to continue damping down the area.

“Crews will be re-attending throughout the morning to make routine checks. The cause of the fire is now under investigation.”